** NOMINATED FOR BEST DIRECTORIAL DEBUT by the MVPA AWARDS 2013: videostatic.com/news/2013/05/13/2013-mvpa-award-nominees
Musical Artist // soundcloud.com/twst1 ------- twst-1.com
Director // BRIAN CHARLES LEHRER (B // C // L) [briancharleslehrer.com]
DP // NATE GOLD [nategold.com]
Production Company // WINTERWOLF MEDIA
YOUTUBE // youtube.com/watch?v=bhQftJXyUNk&hd=1

PRESS // IMVDB.com: imvdb.com/blog/2013/02/video-chats-brian-c-lehrer-on-tribo-fuego-by-twst-1-featuring-seek-selekta
// BULLETT: bullettmedia.com/article/todays-video-twst-1-ft-seek-selektras-tribo-guedo/

Cantora Records Facebook Page: "This is what would happen if Lost met Game of Thrones and then went on a double date with the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show before doing illicit substances at a Daft Punk desert show."

Starring // Xian Mikol, Aaron Gold, Dan Kunkler, Paul Savage, Donato Bragagnolo
Costume & Styling // Artemis Jafari
B-Cam & Gaffer // Jordan McNeile
Hair & Makeup // Simon Rihana
Prod. Design // Michael Coursey
Key Grip & MVP // Donato Bragagnolo // 1st AC: Dan Marino
Exec Producers // WinterWolf Media, Soundbite Studios, Ali Sandler, Tara Ahamed, Dan Hagle
VFX // Dominic Soo & Alex Gao // Matte Painting: Chris Staehler
* Music mastered at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles.
Extras // Tyler Garnett, Tyler Critelli, Mark Plachowski, Bisi Obateru, Paul Fillipowicz
PAs // Mark Plachowski, Tyler Garnett, Tyler Critelli, Bisi Obateru, Courtnay Bragagnolo, Alex Miskei, Andres Cunningham, Matt Ward
** Leica lenses provided by Jordan McNeile
Photos // Alex Miskei, Michael Coursey, Courtnay Bragagnolo
Special Thanks to // James Cella, The Culver Studios, Danny Tanchauco, The Lehrer Family, Aaron Gold, The Sowlaty Family, Trevor Funk, Funk Factory Films, Jordan McNeile, Tara Ahamed, Justin Ah Chong, Peter Wunsch, Aaron Fink, Ben Bronner, The Gold Family, Allison L. Chiaramonte, Leon Russo, Michael Ferman & Indira Basu.

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