likewise Psychics mystics poets healers and artists and doctors are born
as well
#83 kirks daily supernatural psychic medium channeling

kirk's daily channel as a trance medium mystic psychic and shaman

todays talk is about how witches, psychic, medicine people and shamen are born

shamanic processes and or vrs the kundalini awakening

google kirk trance medium for more channelings and spiritual information

kirk does not provide answers - he asks the right questions and provides and shares his spiritual awakening and journey so that others can clarify who and what they are or what they were born to be or do as a Supernatural person in the material world

spiritual gifts and the spiritual journey doesnt come with an instruction booklet or road map -
how do we know what we are ??
why there is a strong "historical" detterant to coming out of the closet with respect to your divine and spiritual shamanic psychic gifts

indicators of being chosen to be a shaman
obsessed or familair with death as an arche type or having many NDE's
or being naturally comfortable with the idea and processes of death and dying
otherworldy spirits or spirit lovers

spirit guides - animal guides or animals showing up at stressful confusing times
and seeing or having close encoutners with UFOs aliens or alien spirits and the like

naturally knowing about healing herbs
sex rituals sex magic
modern alchemy -
life threatening illnesses breakdown psychic and spiritual internal shifts
being struck by lightning and or electrical shock
cutting yourself like ascetics do and then healing the wounds as a miracle....

bliss exctasy or morose moods dreams visions
google kundalini awakening

google process of becoming a shaman - shamen are born

and the books of Carlos Castaneda as well...
there is a wealth of info about these experiences
seth speaks
edgar cayce
doreen virtue
and more
I wish you and see you surrounded
by divine Intelligence and bliss and infinite amounts of unconditional Love


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