I might git a pat on the back from some of you "Soil Feeders" for takin a small shot at the Church. That's not why I took the shot. You see...
The Pope had bout 250 "Token" homeless folks over for Christmas dinner at his pad at the Vatican for a photo Op. I posted a comment at the Pope's Web page " SO?....BFD...Do I supposed to be impressed?".
*Maybe if he (Pope) would have washed their feet...I Would
*Maybe if he (Pope) would grow some GOD Balls and drop kick all these Flippin sexual predators outta Gods house i would give him some Prop's.

Organized religion has failed in so many levels.............Period!

Don't want to make this a God Talk thread, Just wanted to splain my taking a shot at the church...or....Organized Religion in general and how disjointed they are with the people of Faith...And they all just seem like machines with there canned scriptures to the ills of the world... That's all

Sorry....lol....Just a little

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