[CreAction-Media.com Original Series] - Covering the thoughts and feelings of many parents who have to cope with the Toronto Strike.

Although the strike may be close to over, this video serves as a reminder of some of the implications of the strike and who it affects the most, the children.

This video was shot at a local community park, L'Amoreaux Park in Scarborough, Ontario which happens to be a landfill site which is also located in the middle of a residential area, (located a couple hundred meters away from a large housing complex. Take note that sporting events were still going on surrounding the landfill, (1 soccer game and 2 baseball games).

Realize that this is happening all over OUR city.

Before considering of siding with the city of Toronto or the city workers, what is more important is a resolution when it affects the kids and people's overall health.

Executive Producer: Brian Woon-A-Tai
Co-Executiver Producers: Chris Murray, Damian Patterson
Soundtrack Provided By: Kaz Music

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