The sacred Manasarover lake, is a vast high altitude lake located in the Ngari prefecture of Sotuh West Tibet at an average altitude of 4,509 M. The Tibetans refered to it as 'Mapham Yumco Tso' meaning the eternal jade lake of purity in the local dialect.

This lake is holy to both Hindus and Buddhists. It is believed that the lake sprung out of the mind or 'manas' of the creator of the world, lord Brahma and has since been known as Manasarover. A bath in the crystal cold waters of this majestic lake is supposed to purify the soul of a spiritual practitioner and wash away all sins. It is therefore considered to be a prerequisite to a successful pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash.

This video was shot in August near the Horche monastery on the shores of the lake, which lies nestled on a windswept expanse called the Barkha plain, at the foot of te Kailash range. Notice how the waters of this usually serene lake change color as the camera pans across it. It is an amazing experience to meditate by it's shores under the benevolent gaze of the mountain of Shiva 'Kailash' a brief glimpse of which can be seen swathed in cloud as the camera zooms in on the right. As a harsh wind whips across the lake, it's waters seem to glisten with a celestial energy...while a low rain-cloud swoops down on the left corner of the lake.

This tranquil and mystical lake remains etched in your memory for a long time, when you've seen it once.

(Video credits: Raahul Ogra (C) Mystic Himalayan Trails)

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