This is a motiongraphic video for SOCIAL STATE, a book written by Esteban Contreras (@socialnerdia on Twitter), former Social Media Manager for Samsung USA, and current strategist serving Fortune 100s with enterprise SMMS tech startup Sprinklr, Inc.

In SOCIAL STATE, Esteban Contreras writes about the rapidly changing social media landscape. SOCIAL STATE is a visual, thoroughly-researched and in-depth exploration about the integration of life and technology; covering topics ranging from the implications of openness, virality, influence, and privacy, to the unique opportunities presented by social media marketing, social business, and social good.

You can learn more about the book here:

This video was created by Flavian Mihai (@flavian6 on Twitter) from Funky Marketing. Check out more video-infographics and sign up for their mailing list here:

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