Tarisio and Cozio both deal with the pricing and selling of rare and vintage violins; from genuine handcrafted Stradivarius' to Lord Byron's own instrument.

On September 26th, Tarisio announced the acquisition of Cozio, and they decided to celebrate and share this news with a short animated film, detailing how the process of buying a violin has changed significantly over history and how they will take that process in to the future.

We designed this film knowing that we needed to visit both past and future, and so chose a style that was timeless - allowing the details, such as clothing and furniture to provide any necessary information about where and when each scene was set.

The characters were designed to work only in profile, meaning that the film was staged in a very flat, 2-dimensional way to hi-light the repetitious nature of history and emphasise both what has changed, and what has not.

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