A making-of documentation of the Centennial Spectacle performance at Rice University in October 2012.

An audio-visual performance within the scope of the 100th anniversary of the William Marsh Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA.
Rice invited URBANSCREEN to stage the Spectacle in its academic quadrangle during its Centennial Celebration. The Spectacle chronicles the university´s history by interpreting different decades and its inspiring story.
With a 270° approach and a persistent length of 240m projection as well as full spatial sound (6.1), it was a great immersive experience and a pleasure for us to mingle with the centennial audience on the campus.
Find a documentation of the full show here: vimeo.com/53959151

Premiered on the 11th October 2012
Additional performances on the 13th and 14th October.
Duration: 20 min

Creative Director: Thorsten Bauer
Art Director: Max Goergen, Till Botterweck, Julian Hoelscher (julianhoelscher.de), Jonas Wiese
3D Designer: Peter Pflug, Moritz Horn
Music: Jonas Wiese (soundcloud.com/jonaswiese), Thorsten Bauer
Sound Designer: Jan Fels (e-bergmann.de), Jonas Wiese
Mock-up: Simon Denecke
Production Manager: Manuel Engels

Media Engineer: Tobias Wursthorn (im-en.com)
Technical Director: Sven Rolfes

Documentation Director: Jonas Wiese
On-Site Camera: Jonas Wiese, Julian Hoelscher, Till Botterweck
Mock-up Camera: Simon Denecke
Edit: Jonas Wiese

Technical on-site provider: LD Systems (ldsystems.com)
Commissioned by: Rice University (rice.edu), President David W. Leebron
Centennial Commission Co-Chairs: J.D. Bucky Allshouse, Teveia Barnes, Janice Doty
Spectacle Committee Co-Chairs: Molly Hipp Hubbard, Sarah Whiting
Spectacle Committee Executive Producer: Kathleen A. Boyd
Spectacle Committee Project Manager: Kathy Jones
Spectacle Committee: Kevin Foyle

Media-Engine support: WINGS VIOSO (avstumpfl.com)
Mock-Up projector support: EPSON (epson.de)

An URBANSCREEN.com production

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