BeamSmart new, revolutionary technology

BeamSmart new, revolutionary technology covering nearly every aspect of beamAssist and why it uniquely protects those you care for…"takes the Cloud to a whole new level! Already amazing, beam's patented technology makes maximum use of all the possibilities - it's a work of genius, eclipsing every application that went before it - and poised to become the World Standard for Integrated Applications, Commercial Applications, Universal Messaging, and Emergency 911 Systems …"Cloud as it can be"

We proud to offer our world-first systems powered by the beamSmart© proprietary cloud communication system employing the latest cloud technology.

Communicating through all mobile devices including smartphones, Macs, PCs, iPads iPhones, androids and on all browsers, beamAssist / beam911 is a unique, world-first system, combining machine learning, easy customization, sophisticated reporting, unparalleled reliable speed of response – and much more.

A vast range of customer needs are able to be satisfied through the systems' flexible and easy customizations.

Our systems use locators for child safety, medical alert, campus safety, personal safety, travel safety tips, driving safety, workplace safety, where is my child, public safety, locating people, boating safety , emergency services to name some.

Unlike virtually every other device-based emergency alert and reporting system, Guardian-Safety Management System is highly customizable and can adapt to multiple needs at very low cost – including making changes whenever necessary at little or no extra cost.

There are of course very many possible solutions to your problems, each one unique to each organization and business.
Questions & Answers

Q “I would like to see a range of applications: what do you mean by 'All the possibilities?" Ans: Here are some - the system is EASILY CUSTOMISABLE - and possibilities are nearly unlimited" - Playlist here

"How Can Principals, Administrators, Communal leaders, Employers Protect Workers, Students, Clients, Customers, Patients and staff - outside of the premises?"

"What about workers who are off-site or isolated?"

" Why is beamAssist called 'The Rolls Royce of Critical Response Systems?"

"How does beam911 protect those in your care and your loved ones?"

"How does beam911 assist in the rescue of people at sea or surfing?"

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