ᴴᴰ Muslims celebrating Christmas? - Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq || Day Of Shirk & Kufr!

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This is an edited clip of Sheikh's Jummah lecture. The link to the full lecture can be found below insha Allah. Here Sheikh talks about the so called Muslims, who compromise their religion to please but a few. The thing is non Muslims don't even expect us to celebrate Christmas. In these testing times, let us not sell our deen for a few kind words from people. Yet let us hold on to the rope of Allah, so that we will attain success in this world and the hereafter.

Click here to download the FULL UNEDITTED lecture without the nasheed: mediafire.com/?kn835t5jm5cap9m

Click here to download the audio of this clip: mediafire.com/?hbv7yvs0p8zve59

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