Counter Intelligence Operations, The American Patriot Movement, Waco, The Freedom of Information Movement, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Stratfor, Wikileaks, Alex Jones, Aurora, Sandyhook, Aaron Swartz, and the illumi naughty....let's arrange the dots....

pYrat mOrgan:
Bill Cooper:
Max Igan:
Keith Truth:
and Jim Morrison

Music Mashups: Jonathan Goldman, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Carbon-Based Lifeforms, Ma-Muse, Xavier Rudd, Shpongle, Jai Utall

Sources For Further Research:
NY Times Article (bush/empire) -
Waco Documentary:
WikiLeaks Global Intelligence Files:
Declaration of Independence in Cyberspace:
Search “Alex Jones Y2k”
Search “Alex Jones Epic Rant”
Search “Lil Wayne Homies Still”
Documentary on Aurora Shooting:
Obama Speech:
Detailed PDF of Obama’s Speeches:
Aquarius – Age of Evil:
Search – “President and the Press JFK Speech”

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