Directed by - Ryan Miyamoto
Shot by - Pono and Kelii Grace
Edited by - Pono Grace
Lighting by - Keone Grace

Music by - The Hush Sound "Wine Red"

Women dream of one day owning the perfect white dress for their wedding day. The one dress that flows so elegantly and fits so nicely, you could not bare to take it off at the end of the night. What they don't expect is their videographer asking them if they would like to trash their beautiful white dress. Along side Kyler of Kai-Photo, Kai Media was lucky enough to have the opportunity to do a Trash the dress shoot with the beautiful duo of L'Amour Photography. With their retro style, Eric and Wendy took to the streets in the pursuit of fun, laughter and doing what it takes to get that one beautiful shot. What they did not realize was that they would be history in a making, Kai Media's first official Trash the Dress shoot. Although we did not actually trash the dress, it did get really dirty from all the locations and running around. Sorry about that Wendy. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: We make no claim to the rights of the music or any work of The Hush Sound. We are not benefiting monetarily in any way from the production of this music video. We just appreciated the song, the artistry, the story behind it, and wanted to create a fitting visual purely out of appreciation.

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