This video is from a series of 1DC camera tests I conducted. You can read my full write up of the 1DC on the WonderBlog here:


For our final setup, it was time to see how the camera did shooting 10,000 ISO. Low light is what has kept me using canon cameras. When I was first using the 1DX I was blown away by the way it handled 12,800 ISO and was exciting to see how it did in 4K.

Nora De is placed next to a fire to provide background high lights. She is keys by a distant desk lamp that I dimmed to provide just enough fill to bring her face up closer to the level of the backlight provided by the fire.

Of all the tests this truly brings the 4K vs Full Frame battle to life. As a consequence of the 4K’s sharpness we see colored noise everywhere in the image. Whatever is causing the Full Frame footage to be softer is also helping to smooth out the noise. My gut likes the Full Frame. What do you think?

Once again I’m not impressed with the canon log in this test. What’s interesting to note is how much flatter the 4K log footage is compared to the other formats. Does anyone have a guess why?

You can view a Format Comparison of this test here:

You can download the Prores HQ version of this test here:

You can download an uncompressed Portrait and Log 4K clip from this test here:

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