The new Opel ADAM is an extremely customizable small urban car. But launching a brand new trendy urban car in today’s market isn’t easy. So we decided to bring a different story: We launched the car by launching a bicycle, available as a real option on the car.

Because sometimes the perfect urban car is a bicycle.

Opel had enough experience as it used to be the biggest bike manufacturer in the world. Their German engineering made sure owners of an ADAM can take their bike everywhere on the patented Flex Fix® bike rack. Always giving the driver an alternative in unavoidable traffic jams.

But we had to make sure the bike was as customizable as the car adapting to every choice you made when choosing your car. So we got a team together to design it to fit perfectly with the new ADAM capturing their work process in a series of webisodes. The ongoing documentary quickly got the attention of designers and hipsters around the world from Brussels to New York and Singapore to London.

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