Directed by Susanne Bækby Olesen.
Produced by Drawesome Pictures and Basmati Film.

Skål Viola! tells the story about Viola, a young girl, growing up with an abusive, alcoholic father. She seeks refuge in her teddy bear, Sebastian, bringing him to life in her imaginary world. However, this imaginary world only serves as a temporary escape from her father's drunken behaviour and what to do when you loose your own temper? Viola is both loving and violent to her best friend, the teddybear. In a bar, one night, with her parents - it all goes completely wrong. Her parents have had too much to drink. They have fought and left Viola behind. Viola has only one option left. To take the situation into her own hands.

The film aims to express the frustration and disappointment in a little child as well as to create hope and show how a situation can be changed by one phone call to a trusted person. Drawesome Pictures has been supported in carrying out this production by both The Animation Workshop in Denmark and the animation director's film fund ANIS

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