My Story:
All my life I traveled and lived around the Europe, but I always know where my home is – Montenegro. In Montenegro I had my family, friend and perfect childhood. I was playing with my friends, traveling in Europe almost every couple of months, had an amazing family that loved me, it was a perfect life. However, in 2006 I moved in America and started a new life, but also my country did too. In that same year Montenegro peacefully won independence from Serbia. For me, life of a girl from an unknown country was not easy in America, but every time when somebody would ask me where I was from, I would proudly say, “from Montenegro”.

Montenegro a new independent country, full of beautiful places with friendly people. It is a country that not many people know about, or they know something about Montenegro that does not fully represent what it is. My film is about my country, Montenegro, and everything that makes me so proud about being Montenegrin.

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