156 choreographers from all over the world applied, seven artists from seven countries were nominated:


The audience prizes of the fifth international internet-dancefestival SideBySide-net go to Birgit Bodingbauer from Germany (1st prize), Adriana Cubides from Austria (2nd prize) and Marcel Leemann from Switzerland (3rd prize).

A Shot In The Dark tells about the attempt of an approach and the impossibility to meet. In the tension-filled area of curiosity and distrust, attraction and disgust, desire and fear, the protagonists are again and again thrown back on their own and gesticulate in a kind of vacuum. In an air bubble, they court for the favour of their own reflection. The result is a power game in which one endlessly reflects but does not show.

Choreografie: Birgitt Bodingbauer
Tanz: Andriana Seecker, Karoline Rödel

Video: ViDEOGRUPPE, Andriana Seecker, Carsten Wilhelm, commlab.de (support)
Musik: sH1 "Bangalore" released on SANTORIN pres. AMBASSADORS 4 - santorin.de


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