Project 220 is about Finishing. The foundation that was handed to us here at this church clearly is a call to finish what was started years ago. More souls will be saved, and lives changed, children trained, and people sent if we will unite as a church to finish the physical and spiritual missions that were handed to us by faith.

Not only is it about finishing, but it’s also about Furthering the work of God. We don’t want to thrive solely on yesterday’s stories and blessings, but we want to ask God to give us new ones. We want the present day church to experience the same excitement of a growing and thriving church operating in the power of God’s Spirit.

Lastly Project 220 is about Faith. The Bible says, without Faith it is impossible to please God. We want to be a church that is pleasing to the Lord. This is going to take bold and sacrificial steps of faith on our behalf, and the reminders of what a people of faith can experience by God’s grace. We not only want to take bold steps of faith ourselves, but we want to HONOR the faith of God’s servants in our church history. Pastor Siebold and his wife Patti have faithfully served the Lord for almost 4 decades. It was their drive, vision, sacrifice, and faith that has helped to make this church what it is today. Their faith inspires me as your Pastor, and I believe it’s worthy of the honor the Bible instructs us to give. We are launching Project 220 today and asking that you sacrificially and boldly give in faith to complete this gymnasium and family center. In honor of Pastor & Mrs. Siebold, upon completion of the first phase of this project, we will name it the Siebold Family Center. Rev. will turn 70 years old this month, and I believe it to be a fitting birthday gift that his name continues to be heard in these halls for many more years to come as families continue to gather for ministry in this place.

I realize because of the broad impact of the Siebold’s ministry that others who would like to honor them as I do would like to be a part in addition to our church members. If Rev and Ma have been a blessing to you, please consider logging on to and giving a gift to the completion of this phase of Project220. To our people, please prayerfully consider your giving commitments beginning on February 10th at our church. If you like you can also donate online again at Project 220.

I am so excited to announce this Project and to honor the Siebold family for their faithful years of service here at Open Door. I know God is going to continue to do great things. Let’s Arise and Build together!

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