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Four Reflections: Concept and Spot Breakdown.

We teamed up with Sonya Gallardo at High Low Jewelry to come up with a spot for her new line of jewelry, The Loverboy/s collection. This collection is based on the concept of love and romance, which Sonya spent months reflecting on her past romances, observations of other couples and listening to countless songs of love and heartbreak. The result is four pieces of jewelry: Good Vibrations, Amity, Embrace and Ardor; each symbolic of a gesture of love.

Sonya raised the challenge of abstractly depicting the meaning of each piece without being literal. So in the video we filmed her making each one; and subsequently a couple acting out the symbolic gesture of it's meaning. The talent, Lake Sharp and Alex Brown are married and obviously very in love, so it was effortless to get great chemistry out of them. Moral of the story, if you want real chemistry, cast a happily married couple. Or if you want venomous hateful chemistry, cast a couple about to divorce.

Here is a very literal breakdown of our non-literal (or at least we hope) metaphors.

The line consists of:

Good Vibrations: The two painted rolls of clay (symbolic of fingers), which we illustrated with Lake and Alex's hands coming together

Amity: The two piece necklace that snaps together and causes sparks, much like when Lake legs lean into Alex.

Embrace: A 2 piece bracelet that fit together like Alex's arms around Lake.

Ardor: The fourth and final necklace is Ardor, which has two U shaped bodies that press together like two spoons, or in this case, Lake and Alex on a blanket under a gorgeous sunset.

This was a really fun spot to do. We shot it on the FS700 and was very happy with the results. What a great camera, not only for slow motion but for real time stuff as well. Sonya's studio stuff was shot in 24fps and Lake and Alex was shot in 60fps to create a dreamy quality.

Shot with a range of lenses: the Canon 17-55 f2.8 for the outside because we had to work really fast and Zeiss and Canon primes for the inside shots.

The inside was lit with a Cool Lights 650 watt Fresnel gelled with 5600K Blue and a Lowel Pro Light 250 watt kept at 3200k. The space was super tiny, so lighting had to be kept at a minimum just because of space requirements.

This was a super fun project to do and it should make you feel all dreamy, romantic and in love.


Client: High Low Jewelry:

Sonya Gallardo:
Lake Sharp:
Alex Brown:

Co-Directors: Gene Sung and Sun-Ho Pak
Director of Photography: Gene Sung
Producer: Sonya Gallardo
Art Director: Sonya Gallardo
Crew: Susan Sung, Sarah Yejin Jung
Post: Gene Sung

Song: Anchor by Mindy Gledhill, licensed via Song Freedom

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