New Orleans is hosting the 2013 Superbowl AND Carnival at the same time. So Friday (Feb 01) after the sun dropped below the rooftops I decided to run my commute right through ground zero on Decatur street.

Some things to notice:

1. All cyclists run red lights in NOLA. It's tradition. No on who lives here is offended. As much a part of our culture as Red Beans & Rice on Mondays.

2. Pedicabs are new since my last video filmed on Decatur. Not sure if they help or hurt my progress, but they sure are fun to slalom past.

3. The double-yellow line is the absolute SAFEST line to take if you don't want to add a drunk pedestrian to your lap or take a chance at winning the "Door Prize" in the parked car sweepstakes.

4. Notice the oncoming traffic heading in the opposite direction from me after I pass under the CBS scaffold (01:25). There is one lane for cars, and one lane for bikes - an actual striped bike lane over there. The bike lane is completely disrespected and full of moving cars, which is another reason so many cyclists are riding on the double-yellow line.

5. Music is from Blues Masters Volume 9 - Postmodern Blues. Song is on Track 6 and is called "Wonder Why" performed by Magic Slim and the Teardrops.

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