This video shows photos & video clips throughout the remainder of January 2013/late month. We haven't had that many rainy days, which was quite unusual since January tends to be the wettest month of the winter season. Rainfall was currently way below average as of January 22, 2013.

There was a couple of weather systems aimed for the West Coast but only gave us light amounts of rain, nothing significant, despite being the first rain chance in quite a few days! Coming January 23, 2012, skies signal the rains were coming. I also added a mini time lapse of the sky as the system(s) rolled through, however, no rain fell during the duration of that time. But the rains finally came by the very next day. Only light rain showers fell throughout the day Thursday, January 24, 2013.

By the next day, the dry weather returned quickly. No rain fell on our area for the remainder of the month. So I just shifted gear and enjoyed the skyscapes, sunsets, and whatnot (all photos with no video clips).

In all, it has been quite a dry January this year. There are now growing concerns (once again) of drought in the state in the coming months as the dry season nears. Once model already indicated that snowfall in the Sierras were already slightly below normal, despite a wet December of last year. We received just a dwindling 0.60 inches of rainfall total for this month...way below the monthly rainfall average of just over 3 inches It appears that Mother Nature is being stingy of rain, let alone storms, this year so far!

[Video clips and photos taken in and around San Jose, CA throughout late January of 2013 with my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera and iPhone 4S]

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