"Careening Catalog Immemorial" by Frontier Ruckus
Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn

Premiered February 7, 2013 on IFC.com:

“The filmmaker Derek Jarman once wrote that he ‘had seen very few films on male love which are gentle, they usually have a violent subtext,’ and I took that as a challenge,” Meiklejohn said of his fantastically refreshing portrayal of male youth. “I wanted to tell a story of young friends who love each other with such tenderness that even their fighting was sweet and playful.”
— IFC.com: ifc.com/fix/2013/02/premiere-frontier-ruckus-careening-catalog-immemorial

This is the full-band B-side version to the "Careening Catalog Immemorial" single, supplementing the double-album, Eternity of Dimming, by Frontier Ruckus.

Buy the "Careening Catalog Immemorial" single:
bandcamp: bit.ly/118Gunx

Buy Frontier Ruckus - Eternity of Dimming:
bandcamp: bit.ly/ZBumeF
iTunes: bit.ly/115sk1B
Amazon: bit.ly/X5g8v9

shot in Portland, Maine

song by Matthew Milia, Orion Songs
lyrics: bit.ly/VJcjyc

quitescientific.com (US label)
loosemusic.com (European label)

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