Research work: The Floating sound visualization projected on fluorescent plexiglas and controlled only by body movement.
The fluorescent property of the material makes the light reflect with a stunning bright intensity.

The control application works with any OSC based skeleton data and broadcasts its control informations in the local network so that other computers and applications can connect and be controlled.

Since the Floating visuals already expect OSC control data switching the interaction method from the regular iPad remote app to a gesture based system was very easy.

The plexiglas surface has 3 layers at a size of 140x80 cm each mounted on top of each other at a wall.

3mm white background
3mm fluorescent green plexiglas
15 mm transparent thick layer

Track: "Rumpistol - Floating (Odd Harmonics Remix)" taken from the remixes to the album "Floating" (PMC096 - Project: Mooncircle).

Get the visuals at
project page:

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