In this guide says, you can download Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack DLC free on your Xbox 360 game. So to download this Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack DLC, you can visit following official web site,

After you read the instruction on the web site and get your Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack DLC code, you can visit your Xbox Live Market place and redeem your own dlc code. After redeem complete you will able unlock and download your Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack free on your Xbox 360. So if you have any more problems about this tutorial, you can comment about it on our web site. Thank you guys.

This map pack will contain four Multiplayer map; Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage. A new Zombies map; Die Rise. New Zombies gamemode; Turned. For the first time, a new Multiplayer weapon/gun; Peacekeeper SMG!

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