1.1 is an Arabic Science Fiction film that uses speculative designs as means to critique/question cultural niches in a pseudo-contemporary Middle Eastern society. ( Find out more at 1dot1.net/about )

This video is not part of the movie, it was created to illustrate some of the prototypes in the movie. This is only part 1 of prototype concepts.

The Idea:
Bioprinting will make nutritious, bone free food more accessible, but disposing of the bones or other food waste is part of our eating experience. These prototypes speculate on the alternative to bones or other food waste when food is artificially synthesized. The food waste takes the form of familiar functional objects that could be taken later by the consumer and used in their daily lives. In this sense, it's a return to our primitive use of bones as tools, hence the name, Ivory.

In the context of the middle east, bedouins use bones, wool, hooves, or other parts of animals for the functional purpose in daily living.

More prototype updates to come soon.

Tune in for the upcoming trailer. In the meantime, you can support us at: igg.me/at/1dot1/x/1164363

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