As a queer man striving to thrive alive in spite of disabling HIV/AIDS and disfigurement, MATTHEW BLANCHARD (@QHereKidSF) has dedicated his life to academics, altruism, and The Arts (cf.

Impassioned by world theater traditions, BLANCHARD earned his domestic education & training in Performance Arts, as an undergraduate of The College of William & Mary (B.A. ’02, cum laude). As a student of The Theater, this talented young artist has performed in over twenty paraprofessional stage productions, incl. lead roles in APOLLINAIRE's Les Mamelles de Tirésias (Théâtre Roland Barthes, 2000), in MOLIÈRE’s The Misanthrope [W&M/ΦΒΚ Memorial Hall (Main Stage), 2001], and in Naomi IIZUKA’s Polaroid Stories [W&M/ΦΒΚ Memorial Hall (Studio Theater), 2002]. Matthew’s early collegiate tenure culminated in his directorial study of Eugène IONESCO's masterworks in Theater of the Absurd: The Lesson (2001) & The Chairs (2002).

BLANCHARD also boasts an international formation in « arts de spectacle » from Université de Paris-Ouest Nanterre La Défense, in « Mime Étienne DECROUX » from École du Mime Corporel Dramatique de Paris, and in « Opéra de Pékin et Shakespeare » from A.R.T.A. | Association de Recherche des Traditions de l’Acteur, where he studied under the intensive tutelage of WU Hsing-Guo (Contemporary Legend Theatre; Taipei, TAIWAN) and Ariane MNOUCHKINE (Théâtre du Soleil; Paris, FRANCE).

As Principal/Creative Lead & Founder of CHIMERIC ARTS Collaborative (2012/Present), BLANCHARD is currently engaged in building an interdisciplinary community arts nonprofit venture that aims to bring together artists of diversely disparate schools, cultures, traditions, talents, insights, genres & mediums, as a means for producing innovative ensemble works of unimaginably courageous & compelling creative genius and beauty (cf.

As part of SINS INVALID 2010/2011 Artists in Residence | A.I.R. Program: RESIDENT ALIEN (Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts: San Francisco, 28 & 29 Jan 2011), Matthew proudly presented two original solo works, including his obtusely abstract self-expression of lyrical soliloquy: “JEER NOT! FEAR NOT!” (Resident Alien, Sc. IV), as well as his in-your-face, unadulterated drag-burlesque musical ode to sexual liberation & deviance, reborn from death into desire: “PHOENIX a’FIRE!” (Ibid., Sc. V).

Lately, BLANCHARD has remained active in preliminary planning & coordination of a creative insight-sharing technical internship with SINS INVALID. Through committed work/study, Matthew aims to deepen his expertise in Ensemble Performance Arts Production & Immersion-Learning Curriculum Design by empowering progressive growth and change from within the Queer/Disability Justice Movement(s), via creative collaborations in “Self/Survivor” Storytelling & The Arts (cf.

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