or also known as BB1500 attempt, Ironbutt Association Sweden.

Have used my older Gopro, known as Hero Wide. It uses AAA batteries to run so it was easier to change and have extra with me. If had use my HD GoPro, i just have had 3 hours of pictures.
Intervall of shots is 1 minute per picture.

Yes, you know the answer. Don't fuel up in Denmark. It was my fuelpumps rubber sealings that I had mounted wrong so I did end up with out of fuel in France. The leak was bigger when the tank was full, so therefor I didn't noticed before arriving home 3 months later with full tank and it smell gasoline in hte garage. Tiny leak so I didn't discovered by looking at the floor. There for my fuelcompsumption has been a lot higher previous season.

Problem with GPS:

It wasn't the GPS fault. I had made a accurate plan in the computer with the Autoroute Program. I had to check what the shortest route had give in KM and forgot to change back to the fastest route of two of the waypoints. GPS was set to the fastest route, I had my sheets with me and even a large european map. It was the first I was driving those roads so next time I was prepared when driving home.

GPS are unrealible and you never know when to avoid or follow the GPS completely. GPS warned me 3 times before I left the A5 for the B254.

Further planning of a such large route. I will print out a paper which roadnumbers to follow instead of citynames. Thanx for the tip.

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