Fonds FTQ commissioned me and collaborator Julien Vallée to create 11 spots for this year campaign, and do 11 more translated in english with a different actor. The FTQ radio campaign was already a hit so they wanted to do the tv version. The agency gave us the text and told us to focus on the voice. So we removed almost everything to really give the focus on the message. The message is super simple and direct, so we made a simple and direct environment where the "voice" explained a simple message in a over complicated/simple way to show it visually. The art direction, colour and framing is spotless. The actor use everyday objects in an inventive way to demonstrate the message.

Director : Julien Vallée & Karim Zariffa
Production house : Moskito
Producer : Richard Ostiguy
Props : Jean-Constant Guigue & Francis Dakin-Coté
Intern : Marion Favier
Vedette : Olivier Martineau
Client: Fonds de solidarité FTQ
Projet: Campagne RÉER 2012
Agence: Marketel
Productrice: Julie Gervais
Directeur de création: Alain Bourgeois
Directeur artistique: Renaud Séguin
Rédacteur (français): Marc-André Vigneault
Rédacteur (angais): Jonathan Rosman
Service conseil: Audrée Couture

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