Tulasi Browning, Salon Coordinator and Beauty Advisor at Gila Rut Aveda Salon in Carmel Valley, has always loved letting her creative juices flow. In high school, she developed a deep-rooted passion for journalism, which she continued to nourish throughout her collegiate career at San Diego City College through working with the school newspaper. Even today, she continues to mix her passion for journalism with her extensive knowledge of beauty-related topics through becoming a community contributor for The Carmel Valley Life.

While Tulasi is very busy, she found time to continue pursuing her passion through working with The Carmel Valley Life, in hopes of reaching a greater audience in order to share her positive attitude and beliefs about the beauty industry. While Tulasi loves makeup and other beauty products, she finds that too much focus is placed on one’s physical appearance, rather than the beauty that is within. Through writing, Tulasi hopes to one day inspire all those in the Carmel Valley community to exude an inner beauty, leaving the community a much better place.

When Tulasi is not writing articles for The Carmel Valley Life, she is hard at work at the Gila Rut Salon. Although she is often working with one’s outer appearance, she still finds that she has been able to use her work to help increase the client’s confidence in themselves, thus letting their inner and outer beauty shine. Her job is definitely one that keeps her creatively stimulated, while also allow for her to follow her passions.

Be sure to continue reading The Carmel Valley Life, in order to read Tulasi’s amazing articles and advice!

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