Filmed at Copper Mountain
Canon 550D / Sigma 18-200mm

Music: Apollo Brown - Heirloom instrumental

Throughout my last week in America I dedicated a lot of time to filming for a documentary unit at university. Early one morning I headed over to Copper Mountain to get some shots in the pipe with Murray. This was my first time at Copper, and after the long hike from the base of the mountain I got the gear ready and began shooting straight away. It was extremely cold this morning, and the gear soon began to show signs of this with ice crystals forming on the lenses. Prior to this I had never shot anything in the pipe, so I was a little anxious as I knew I'd only have one morning to get shots. It took me the first few laps to get an understanding of where Murray would be dropping in, how fast he'd be moving and where he was going to take his hits on the pipe. I found this a little difficult to grasp initially as when standing on top of the pipe you can't see the rider, so you have no idea where / when they're going to air out. After a few laps I began to get the hang of things, and managed to get a few shots I'm happy with. Towards the end of the morning when Murray was calling it a day, I used a friend's cheap rig to attempt a followcam through the middle of the pipe. Again, I'd never tried this before, and it was also my first time using the little steadicam. With only very minor weight adjustment it was hard to get the camera stable with the larger lens I was using. I got it balanced as well as I could, but still the footage was extremely shaky. After using the 'Smoothcam' function in FCP, I managed to get rid of the worst of the shake, but you can still see flickers here and there.
On the whole I am happy with the footage gathered throughout my morning shooting with Murray, and definitely have a good base of footage from the session to take through into my documentary project. Next time however, much more time filming is needed to gather as much footage as possible to create a more diverse edit of the rider.

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