Does your business cater to families, children and teens in the Denver metro area? If so, Million Dollar Butterflies is EXACTLY what you're looking for.

Put the MDB kids in your next web video! Web video marketing is booming because it's the most effective kind of online marketing -- but only if you make entertaining videos that your audience wants to share. With MDB kids in your video, you'll get tons of shares!

Our actors and their parents will share your video with all their social media friends, and their friends will share it, and their friends… thousands of potential customers will see your message because our MDB kids are in it.

Be on our radio show!I host a weekly radio show that teaches kids about business and entrepreneurship. Our MDB actors can record your commercials, and if you want even more air time, you can also be a guest on our show for up to four minutes.

Be on our web site! We're a source of information about business and entrepreneurship, targeting kids 8-18 and their parents. Our web site sponsorships are a cost-effective way to connect with our audience. And If we produce your video, you can directly link to it from the display ad on our site.

Make your next live event a smash hit! The MDB dancers and singers always draw a big crowd wherever they perform. They range from ages eight to eighteen and will make your next business event a time to remember.

Marketing a business is tough, especially in this economy. You can't afford to throw your hard-earned money away on hope. The kids of MDB give you results you can take to the bank.

Call us to find out how MDB can get your message to your audience of families and kids.

Mary MacNeilly

On the radio:
KLZ AM 610 every Sunday noon to 1 pm



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