There is much to talk about life in a modern city. Our obsession over quality of life has spawned a race of city rankings based on various metrics: from security to connectivity, infrastructure to sustainability. Cities, however, are more than just cold, hard facts. Urban design, planning and policies are not a perfect science.

There are intangible factors that define a city: its character, its flavour, its desirability, its lovability.

We have heard about (and contributed much to) the bad side of our cities: inadequate public transit system, lacklustre public spaces, poor city planning, languishing neighbourhoods.

For all of our cities’ shortcomings, we want to progress from a rant-mode to a solution-mode. We believe, first and foremost, we need to embrace the complexities and challenges of our urban landscape; we need to listen to and learn about our cities. We want to adopt new ways of interacting with our cities. We want to explore new possibilities.


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