• Directed by Josiah Marshall • Produced and edited by Chris Cantino • Camera by Chris Cantino, Josiah Marshall, Gary McLeod, Lymay Iwasaki, Anna Alek • Audio by Mike Elliott

Fighting hangovers after our first night in Seattle, we wake up and meet death-pop trio Grave Babies at an old house on Capitol Hill where their drummer Keith lives. The sign out front reads "Dandyland," but the WiFi network is called "BloodFartMountain."

The band wants to play in the basement, but we pitch a front yard shoot. They drag their gear upstairs and we take Keith's drums up another flight, sending him out onto the balcony. The wooden beams groan under the weight, but we convince Keith that our shots are more important than his safety.

Three takes in now, and the neighbors across the street have had enough. They start heckling the band, completely oblivious to the irony of criticizing a song that's titled "Fuck Off."

We wrap the shoot and head inside to talk with the lead Grave Baby, Danny Wahlfedt, about Crusher, their full-length LP out 2/26 on Hardly Art.

ITW: So who's playing on the new record?
DW: That's just me in the basement, doing my thing.

ITW: Basement of this house?
DW: No, not this house. Tyler (keyboard/drum machine) and I live not too far from here. The basement here is nice. My basement is the kind of basement where I have mold on my guitar neck.

ITW: What are you listening to lately?
DW: A bunch of DJ Screw. I’ve been listening to a lot of rap. That’s primarily what I’ve been listening to.

ITW: And what are you writing songs about?
DW: Uhhh they’re pretty much just all about depression and nihilism. A lot of nihilism going on.

ITW: You mean, given the current state of the world?
DW: Yeah, everyone's like, "Oh hey, everything’s fine." But it’s not fine. But it doesn’t matter. That’s my philosophy on life. That's what the songs are about. With a little more romanticism.

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