river. the flow of fluids, particles,
energy, ideas across a given surface
or area. cities. the state of constant
change in which all things exist.
flux. whispered clues and fleeting
glimpses. the life around you
is part of the adventure.

rivercities.flux took place in Göteborg, Sweden in September 2012. Audiences received an sms message on the day of the performance, instructing them to arrive at the starting location in central Göteborg. This video shows 3:20 of excerpts from the 1.5 hr piece.

rivercities.flux reflected on the fluid nature of our human bodies...the way in which our wateriness is in constant flow with Earth's entire hydrosphere. Rivers are literally flowing through us! On a poetic level we ponder our inevitable transformation from liquid to vapour...how can you measure a single life?

sirenscrossing is engaged with trying to illuminate and reveal the city as a place of wild nature, of animal and elemental movement. We are interested also in urban space as social space: a field of interlinking systems and energies that shape our lived experience. By working site-specifically in the city, sirenscrossing brings audiences into direct and meaningful encounter with these complex real life interactions. The city is part of the choreography. The ongoing project, rivercities, focuses on flows between humans and nature, with rivers as metaphor for the flux between all life and Earth’s systems.

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