DOWNLOAD MILLION MILES AT WWW.MUSIC.DIZRAELI.COM - the brand new single in a 4 track bundle including a floor-murking remix by Shamanic Technology and a beautiful B side with pipes and voices.
Dizraeli and Cate Ferris: vocals
Jules Arthur: viola
DJ Downlow: cuts
Lee Westwood: guitar
Bellatrix: double bass
Paul Gregory: drums
Rowan Sawday
Cate Ferris
Marga Doek
Otto Kylmälä - Director/Producer/Editor
Anna Lasznya - Producer/AD
Joni Juutilainen - DOP
Matteo Gosorich - Steadicam/2nd AC
Billie Jade Kermack - Make-up & Hair
Saule Norkute & Marga Doek - Runners

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