i dont litter any respectfull glitter.
and of course, no drama is not easy.
and one video is missing, the mp4 about my mother who implicit let the world know,
let the thieves score by cutting the jeansbag open.
so she can say, with her minority, we are not ready for a fair justice and we need Maarten to make losses, and just cause he don't play nomore.
She is medianeeding, that is what changed about my regular conflicting parents, about my precious healthy heart of gold. i ca'n't tell them, they are still patients, and i'm a hero, i overcome a thc psychotic disorder, type paranoid.
i'm crystal clear, and my love is growing, for all, but less for criminals.
about the subject where i have the most rightness credits, they choose to lie like they are someone to immitate.
come on people, break in, and do it sneaky, for a hollandlove cam, and he don't know, i'm god believe us.
that love cam was detected,(one cam detector $7.56) and probably connected with jumbo supermarket, where i smooth out of anyviews side let the strange man appear with their moisty hands the stolen girltoyfriend item of noodweer
(dutch) hided for 3 minutes.
no police, cause, i think, they dont like dirty man watching just a calm person, and loosing media rights reserved for nanny.nl (not that i accept one microsecond), to a break in the border of more than just a corrupt police team,of course, they.....not discussable.just like other instruments (extra spents) to not break by fallback about attractive me, altering persons, I spent 4gb on my anger translating to calm persons also the ones i advise not to do this by hetero.
let's make a joke with bills. I HAVE NO PARTNER. bye.
I gave up sexual lust communication to spent my money on semi-legal vip food valium.
as somebody need something from me, don't ask isolation, friends everywhere, they use it as an tool, not a weapon.
without respect no freedom.

i'm a slave of psychos in uniform without the best 20.000 psychiatrers, they understand what anybody must do.

healthy you can't steal, otherwise you are an attacking robot that wants too much, seeing in me,both.

the, 17 year ready for fun people, and the man who is sick and steals your copwife.

time for an individual action, WORLD!!!!!!!

correction tao: you sometimes take weight of a tiny salesman.

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