Today was a great day, my first day flying with Kacper Gradzki, owner of Jacksonville Flight Training, and owner of a super Cessna 310, N8006M, starting my commercial multiengine rating. The weather was perfect for a training flight, high clouds, cool, some light rain when we departed Herlong Field (KHEG), Jacksonville, Florida. We transitioned over Cecil Field (KVQQ) and headed West for some practice maneuvers, steep turns, slow flight, approach stalls, then called Jacksonville Approach for some VFR instrument approach practice, doing two ILS approaches down to Runway 36R, for touch and goes. This was my very first landing in the Cessna 310. We then departed Cecil and went back to KHEG (Herlong) for a final landing. It was terrific flying this wonderful aircraft. Kacper Gradzki is a super instructor and lucky to have this airplane to train and fly in.

Pilot - William Mallory Kent
Instructor - Kacper Gradzki
Aircraft - Cessna 310 - N8006M
Herlong Airport KHEG and Cecil Field KVQQ
February 5, 2013

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