Music: By Owen Belton for Matjash Mrozewski’s The Lost Dance
Video footage courtesy of Ed Mellnik, EMA Video
Photography by Blaine Truitt Covert, James McGrew and Angela Sterling

Dancer Credits:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Choreography by Christopher Stowell
Alison Roper as Titania
Ronnie Underwood as Oberon
Javier Ubell as Puck
Anne Mueller as Hermia
Adrian Fry as Lysander
Artur Sultanov as Demetrius
Gavin Larsen as Helena
Maya Weiss as Cupid

George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker
Choreography by George Balanchine, Performed by arrangement with the George Balanchine Trust
Julia Rowe as Dewdrop
Yuka Iino as The Sugarplum Fairy
Brian Simcoe as Her Cavalier

Choreography by Nicolo Fonte
Alison Roper
Artur Sultanov
Candace Bouchard
Ansa Deguchi
Adrian Fry
Brian Simcoe
Anne Mueller
Mia Leimkuhler
Brennan Boyer
Steven Houser

Almost Mozart
Choreography by James Kudelka
Alison Roper
Damian Drake
Ilir Shtylla
Kathi Martuza
Ronnie Underwood

Choreography by Christopher Wheeldon
Haiyan Wu
Brian Simcoe

Choreography by Christopher Stowell
Kathi Martuza
Paul DeStrooper
Gavin Larsen
Artur Sultanov
Anne Mueller
Steven Houser

The Lost Dance
Choreography by Matjash Mrozewski

Michael Linsmeier
Lucas Threefoot
Javier Ubell
Makino Hayashi
Yuka Iino
Kate Oderkirk
Alison Roper

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