In the movie “Dreamers” I was interested to compose two dreams, two different realities that meet and interlace each other. The dreams don't have any story inside, it's rather the set of different images, fragmentary recollections, which appear one after the other. The main idea, which is inside both dreams is the movement. The movement towards the lost time, the movement towards each other. While the dreams are unfolding, the distance between two people, two parts of the whole continue decreasing.

“Dreamers” is a surrealistic world, the parallel reality, where from the moment you close your eyes, you can find yourself on the imaginary ship and sail towards the real and important people in your life. Only very possible that in the end the ship will reveal itself and become real and you, while sleeping in the bed become somebody else's dream.

MUSIC Igor Iofe
CAST Inga Jautakyte and Igor Iofe
CAMERA Olga Tsvetkova
ADVISER Katarina Rejger
THANKS TO Eric Van Den Broek, Ward ten Voorde, Jurre Haanstra, Ben Zijlstra, Yannis Kyriakides, Dmitriy Zhitnukhin, Said Gani and the captain of Frigate 'Shtandart' Vladimir Martus

SNDO (c) 2013 Amsterdam

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