The YAVPacks from 6TL are ideal solutions for EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and other companies, searching for or to offer affordable test solutions to their end customers. 
The YAVPack can easily be integrated into any mechanical test fixture from any fixture vendor and turn each fixture into a small functional test system called "SmartFixture".
A SmartFixture is an affordable, easy to program, functional test system that can be extended to become any size off-line or in-line test platform thanks to the 6TL Engineering modular concept.

6TL also offers complete SmartFixture solutions with or without interface system to interface with any VPC interface or as a cassette solution. 

Programming a YAVPack can be done using your own test environment and the CanBus instructions, or using a more common solution like LabView or Teststand from National Instruments or using the "low cost" 6TL MSES Test Sequencer software utilizing Microsoft excel to develop the test sequence. The latest version of MSES can handle up to 1000 test steps. After finishing the test sequence it will be compiled and uploaded into the YAVPack using your PC or Local Area Network for Stand Alone operation.

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