Walking in nature, we sometimes forget to pay attention to the smaller details surrounding us. The details in a tree trunk, how grass moves with the wind, the insects at ground level.

In this project I've tried to edit the shots to fit the music, a different approach for me. Hopefully I've done a decent job? The music is "Regression 22" by Ugress, from the 2008 album 'Unicorn'.

The video was shot during a couple of hours on a cloudy day near our house. I used the Canon HF10 w/WD-H37II, and shot at either 1/2000th or 1/1000th frames per second. Auto focus was turned off. The footage is then color graded, adding some contrast, and increasing the black levels.

This video is inspired by the work of Charlie McCarthy, and Sami Takieddin.

And, remember to click it if you like it!

Edit Aug. 13th, 2009
Done some color changes, giving more detail to some of the darker segments.

Canon HF10 w/WD-H37C II
Pinnacle Studio 14 w/MBL
«Regression 22» by Ugress

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