Welcome on board Spitbank Fort for the ultimate team building event in the South. The Spitbank Fort Ultimate Challenge is a spin off from the hit 90's TV Game Show 'Fort Boyard'. Spitbank Fort rises in all it's historical and ancient splendour out of the sea bed in the Solent between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. Guardian to the golden treasure you must compete in teams to complete the series of challenges to get to the fort and release the treasure.
But have you got what it takes? Will you have the brain power to even start? Will you succeed and unlock the hidden treasure? Or will you run out of the sands of time and be locked up forever with the other losers in the fort dungeons? Working in teams you must face the challenges, fight your fears and push yourselves to the limits. Explore the Solent and it's many historical locations in the quest for success and the gold! But only the winners are crowned 'Conquerors of the Fort!'

Teams are up against the clock with a race against time before the treasure is lost on board Spitbank Fort forever. Teams must solve the riddles, answer the clues and tackle a few physical challenges. There are some mind boggling location challenges and codes to crack to get the all important letters. Only when you can reach the tower with all the letters, will you get the opportunity to solve the final riddle from the Professor of Spitbank Fort.(He's a bit old and doddery now but listen carefully to what he has to say. Solve the riddle your on your way!) A fabulous team finale awaits - but we don't want to give it all away - it's just too good!


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