I developed a design and technique for production of a lasercut plywood geodesic dome.

The first version of this dome, titled 'SoundShell', will be shown as part of the exhibition WOOD: art design architecture opening 15 February 2013 at two venues in Adelaide, South Australia - the Museum of Economic Botany at the Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, and the JamFactory - then travelling to various venues around Australia in 2013-14.

SoundShell is used as a point of material focus and containment for a soundscape I've composed using recordings of wood-derived sounds. Titled 'WoodWorked', the soundscape was commissioned by the exhibition organiser and curators specifically for the show. It is intended to introduce into the gallery space a gentle orchestration of sound works to create an atmospheric allusion to the forest origins of timber and to the work of making objects with wood.

WoodWorked explores various inherent musicalities of wood, including living trees and the creatures that rely on them, the raw material of timber, the rhythmic repetitive processes of hand-working, and the resonant tonalities of objects and instruments made of wood.

Samples of the soundscape are here soundcloud.com/gary-warner/sets/woodworked

Credit to Angus Deveson for his design input and creation of the dxf net file, and to Bespoke Laser, Sydney for laser cutting services.

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