Temporary Repositories is a solo exhibition by Kent Chan that examines contemporary cinema in Singapore, its exhibition and its conservation.

Endeavoring to provide a record of The Substation’s Moving Images programme, which began in 1997 and played a significant role in the development of Singaporean filmmaking. Kent Chan watches through each and everyone of the 689 Singaporean film shown under the programme’s banner in the last 15 years. This culminates in the creation of the Moving Images Archive, which will be presented for the first time at the exhibition.

Often biographical, archives are cared for and defined by their custodians. Kent Chan introduces an element of play into the process, archiving the films based on his own observations, providing a personalized reading of the history of filmmaking in Singapore.

Accompanying the archive is an installation that reflects upon the documents and documentation generated from the archival process. It provides insight into the ideas and labor involved in the project and also looks at cinema’s obsession of recording the world through images. The installation examines the overlapping concerns for preservation within filmmaking and the film archive.

Bridging the project is a new video that looks at the exhibition of films within the cinema. It observes the ways we relate to cinema and the role that cinema plays in our everyday lives.

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