I should still balance my motors and props, But before I did that I wanted to do a jello test. I flew with and without an ND filter attached to my GoPro, and I am amazed at how completely an ND filter will kill the dreaded rolling shutter "jello" effect of the Hero3 mounted on multi-rotors. Ever since I got the GoPro Hero3 I noticed I was getting a lot more jello than with the Hero2, so I found a 3rd party filter mount that snaps on to the outer case of the Hero3 (Hero2 version available) and accepts any 55mm filter. I got it at Snake River Prototyping (link Below) and It's called the "Blurfix3 SO Naked". I also bought the Marumi ND4X 55mm filter they sell that reduces light by 2 stops. I've only done this one flight with the filter, but I'm completely satisfied. For aerial video, this is a good tool to carry in your bag.

The reason it works is because when the light is lower like on overcast days, the shutter speed slows and slightly softens the image, which translates to less artifacts from the CMOS sensor and it's rolling shutter.

SRP: snakeriverprototyping.com/shop%20filters.html

Music by Chad Johnson
Free Download of the song "Plans You Made" by Chad:

Check out the XP2 Quadcopter used to make this video: xproheli.com#oid=5_1

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