No more mail on Saturdays.. that’s the move the US Postal Service is making to try to cut costs. Wednesday morning, CBS broke the news USPS will break its 150-year tradition.

“That's right. CBS News has learned the postal service will announce today its intention to halt Saturday delivery of first class mail by August 1st.”

Other outlets were quick to pick it up, here’s HLN about 4 minutes later:

“You know what, we just found out -- okay, this just in. This is the big change the postal service is going to make. It's not going to do any more Saturday delivery of letters.”

The post office said it will still deliver packages, mail order prescriptions, priority and express mail on Saturdays. CNN reports the financials behind the change.

“The Postal Service lost 15.9 billion dollars last year. Saturday’s first class service they say cost 2.7 billion dollars last year. So, this is obviously an effort to try to recoup some of that money.”

The Atlantic Wire puts the numbers in perspective, reporting this isn’t the first change the post office has made to try to slow its losses.

“The USPS has cut more than 35 percent of its workforce in recent years, closed hundreds of offices, and cut back hours at the ones that remain open. Yet, the outfit is still losing more than $40 million a day...”

Despite the savings of cutting Saturday delivery, the change certainly has its opponents. A blogger on calls for Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe to step down.

“Instead of offering a real business plan to tap the full potential of this essential American institution, he is offering a plan that will doom USPS to failure.”

Fox News reports it’s not clear how USPS could make the change without congressional approval.

“Over the past several years, the Postal Service has advocated shifting to a five-day delivery schedule for mail and packages -- and it repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, appealed to Congress to approve the move.”

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