It’s decision time for the Boy Scouts. After several days of closed-door meetings, national scout leaders could decide Wednesday if the organization will lift its ban on openly gay members. The imminent decision has people on both sides of the argument voicing their opinions. HLN has Washington's take:

“President Obama has said that the Scouts should change their policy, while Texas Governor Rick Perry thinks the board should stick to its quote historic policy.”

After a Supreme Court decision upholding their right to do so, the scouts have come under fire in recent years for dismissing troop leaders because they were gay. A Wall Street Journal blog suggests the BSA could be reconsidering the current ban because of the financial blow it brought with it.

“Many local troops have complained that fundraising donations are down. Intel, UPS and Merck have joined a growing list of corporations that have dropped or delayed funding to the BSA since the organization reaffirmed their ban on gays.”

But would lifting the ban solve that problem? The BSA’s official statement notes the change in policy wouldn’t mean gays would be accepted everywhere. It would allow specific troops decide for themselves.

“The Boy Scouts would not, under any circumstances, dictate a position to units, members, or parents.”

CNN reports, that solution would most likely leave both sides upset

“Leaving the issue of homosexuals in the scouts in both troops and among scout masters up to local troops. It’s a compromise that both sides are dissatisfied with.”

Reporting from other outlets suggests the same.

Huffington Post contributor Kelsey Timmerman writes “This isn't brave (one of the 12 scout laws) leadership to do what's right. This is following fears.”

And USAToday reports “Conservatives have warned of mass defections if Scouting allows gay membership to be determined by troops.”

And the board may not even make a decision at all - it’s only promised it will make a statement.

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