I'm Linda Webb, President of Contego Services Group, and your watching - Fraud Dog Tips.

The week of November 11th, 2012 is Fraud Awareness Week. And to help you and your family not become victims of fraud, here are four fraud tips.

Number 1 - Take time to review your credit card monthly statements. You never know when the fraudster has stolen your identity and charged things on YOUR account. Be sure to contact your credit card company if you notice a fraudulent transaction.

Number 2 - Protect your passwords. The fraudsters are aware that most people like to use your family names, pet names and birthdays.

And Number 3 - Be cautious using public Wi-Fi areas. The fraudster loves to hack into your computer and those public places are easy for them to hack into. Cyber fraud is getting easier to commit, as data is King to the fraudster.

And Kids listen up, Buster has a fraud tip for you.

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