Dealing with scarcity of ideas / raw materials / high standards for own actions / capital in today’s building industries

While new developments in information management or transportation are moving faster and faster, today's construction methods are still based on technologies of the ancient Rome, but with less demand for aesthetics and quality of life. There is a lack of new ideas and developments. Architects are degenerated into beautifier of buildings and not involved into the whole process. The focus is on appeal rather than functional innovations and smart design. In the future the lack of raw materials forces us to use fewer resources and build more efficiently. Tight budgets in times of crisis are a further determination that characterizes the construction industries. To preserve our planet, it is urgent that the lack of ideas, resources and high standards for its own actions is remedied by innovations. As future products for modern architecture will not only have to be constructive and visually appealing, Rieder is working intensively on intelligent facade solutions. Making a significant contribution to the well-being of the planet in the name of good architecture is the main driving force behind this innovation process.

Wolfgang Rieder is the owner of the well-established Rieder Group, an internationally recognized concrete producer committed to combining high eco-standards and the construction of smart concrete solutions. The vision of actively contributing to the energy revolution by means of intelligent building, represents a motivation for Rieder to continue its research and development activities in line with the guiding principles of innovation and sustainability. Wolfgang Rieder’s approach is to give an old product new value in order to bridge the gap between imagination and reality. As an Austrian entrepreneur with background in consulting business and deep knowledge about concrete and its applications, he lectures on innovative concrete solutions for buildings in Europa and North America. He recently spoke at the Material Beyond Materials conference at SCI-Arc in Los Angeles.

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