It's the year of 2017.

The world has survived, but romance hasn't.

The man of the future can find delightful, convenient love. The perfect wife, the ultimate lover. One obstacle remains...she may be an android.

Cherry 2000 is the woman unmatched by all others, until she shorts out. Her only hope for her and her lover remains with a Real woman. A Real woman with bazookas.

Be blown away by a tribute to the cult 1980s film, Cherry 2000. Presented to you by Scarlett Productions in collaboration with Red Bennies, this year's Sci-Fi cult production will push the boundaries in a way that only explosive pyrotechnics, beautiful women, and a score of classic 1980s future music renditions can.

Featuring showgirls, hip hop, robotic locking, contortion, pole dancing, ballet, aerial, handstand artists, burlesque, guns, live explosives and pyrotechnics.

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